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Last Update -- 23.04.2014


Philosophy and sociology departments news. go ...>>>...
We do not promise frequent updating of this page

Philosophy and sociology departments history (ukr. only). go ...>>>...
Here you can aquaint the history of department as NMUs subdivision and history of teaching humanitarian disciplines in medical university.

Disciplines that are taught at the department:

Educational materials given by department. go ...>>>...
Could be found by the name of the discipline.

Philosophy and sociology departments publications. go ...>>>...
Here you can find out about manuals, monographs, collections created by the departments employees.

Scientific work. go ...>>>...
Departments employees were studying the complex research topics.

Sociological researches. go ...>>>...
Sociological group of NMU.

Employees of the department. (ukr. only) go ...>>>...
Here you can find out about the teachers, their disciplines and other departments employees.

Civic and educational work (ukr. only). go ...>>>...
Civic and educational work of the department.

Student scientific group. go ...>>>...
Student scientific group researches modern social-political problems

For postgraduates and persons who are entering graduate School. go ...>>>...
Information about procedures of design and preparation of graduate entrance and master of philosophy exams.

Photogallery go ...>>>...

Departments building (ukr. only). go ...>>>...
Building map and design. What and where is situating.


  Philosophy and Sociology department
    was created according to
  NMU Academic Councills decision on 25 of June 2008.

  Peremohy avenue, 34. Morphological building, first floor (right wing).
  Map could be found here or here.

  Postal address:   01601, Kyiv, 13, T.Shevchenko Av.
  National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University,
  Philosophy and sociology department.
  Telephone # 4544985 4544984


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